Episode 34 – Cleopatra (1970)

Get ready for a real trip back to ancient Egypt, where Caesar is green, triumphs feature sports cars and gladiators bring handguns to the arena. Joined by animation expert Chiara Sulprizio, we dig into this animated adult fantasy/sci-fi/historical epic by Osamu Tezuka and Eiichi Yamamoto. This is really one of the wilder takes on ancient history we’ve ever seen and even if it’s not your bag – and for many it probably won’t be – it’s definitely worth a viewing just to take in its sheer wildness and reconsider our modern myths about Cleopatra.

You can read more from Chiara about animation and the ancient world at Animated Antiquity

Movies We Dig: The Ancient World on Film
Movies We Dig: The Ancient World on Film
Episode 34 - Cleopatra (1970)